What Is Ayurveda & Why Should Choose Ayurveda


Here the question what is ayurveda is answered Ayurveda is the ancient science of “long life and robust health”. Ayurveda is supposed to be one of the oldest medical systems in the world. It has a history of more than 5000 years. Even in the oldest Sanskrit scriptures, we can find mentions about Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a preventive as well as curative medical system. It comprises of directions for right food, right life style, cleansing of the body and right medication. Ayurveda preaches on right food for every individual. It describes the types of food, seasonality of food, methods of preparation, optimum quantity of food intake, conversions happening for food in the body, digestive fires etc.Ayurveda describes about the reasons of good and ill health.

Ayurveda preaches about the right lifestyle. It describes the daily routines to be followed for a healthier life. It also describes how a person should correct his lifestyle according to seasons. Ayurveda clearly states how a person should live when he is healthy and how he should change his lifestyle when he is sick. Ayurveda gives great importance for cleansing of body. There are 5 types of cleansing methodologies (Panchakarma) described in Ayurveda. These are very useful in eliminating the undigested and unwanted compounds from the body. Ayurveda generally resorts to phyto-medicines, mostly herbals in the form of powders, water, alcoholic and oil extracts. The medicines are in the form of powder, liquid, semi solids, tablets, ointments etc. Ayurveda is very scientifically written. It is holistic. It treats the patient rather than the disease. It understands that each person is constitutionally and genetically different. It also understands that the disease in each person is different and the treatment has to be personalised. Ayurveda has thorough knowledge about how food as well as drugs functions in the body. It very well understands food – food interactions, food – drug interactions and drug-drug interactions. The causative factor of most of the diseases are the inadequate metabolic conversions happening in the body. The digestive fires (“Agni”) are not functioning properly.

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