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Prana, The best ayurvedic centre in India is a complete wellness spa destination in south India. Out gone patients from our Ayurveda centre always used to said that Prana is well known for Kerala's ayurvedic centre and the best ayurvedic centre in India. Because Kerala ayurvedic centre is set in banks of Periyar river and the midst of lush green trees with a medicinal herbarium. Prana Ayurvedic Centre is the most rated Ayurveda hospital in Kerala for Panchakarma detoxification therapy and weight loss treatments for obesity management. At Prana, we follow the Ayurveda principles of healing the six senses. We believe that Prana is the very essence of life itself and in the correction of the DOSHAS of Vatha, Pitha and Kapha along with Yogic discipline.

The history of meditation begins from the ancient India about 5000 years ago. Meditation conspires your mind, body and soul to, fight against diseases by cultivating immune system and also inspires your instincts. Throughout meditation, you'll get a peaceful mind. A peaceful mind is an empty vessel of stress, tension, and anxiety, which implies that you are free from diseases like Insomnia, Obesity, Asthma, Depression, Gastrointestinal Problems, Alzheimer's, Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks and Other heart-related problems. Watch this guide to get started with meditation for your well being.

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how to control hair fall

How To Control Hair Fall Nowadays hair fall is a common problem for both men and women, thus especially in summer, people’s want a solution for “how to control hair fall” in a short time and here it is. 

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Simple Tips To Get Red Lips A naturally red lips an ornament of beauty. Cause for dark lips are one is by birth and some others are smoking, licking lips, sun exposure, over usage of cheap lip balm/lipstick, dryness and so on. A red lip will drive mo

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Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss

How To Reduce Obesity Naturally First of all, you got to understand that obesity is not a serious disease, it is the after effect of your eating habit, physical inactivity, genetics, and some sort of medicinal reasons. When you consult with your

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best ayurvedic centre in india